Rock of Ages Necklace


Rock of Ages Necklace

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Rock of Ages – fossil jade, coral jade, shell fossil, faceted Czech glass, druzy agate, wood, and antique-finished metal.

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The Rock of Ages necklace is handcrafted by designer, poet Gwendolyn Faye fossil jade, coral jade, shell fossil, faceted Czech glass, druzy agate, wood, and antique-finished metal. 

About the necklace designer:

Gwendolyn Faye is a born artist. She earned her B.A. in Graphic Design at Drake University. Her 30+ year marketing communications career has included advertising, public relations, web development, events, and retail. She has become a skilled strategist, developer, and Brand Coach. Gwen earned her MBA from Saint Leo University and is the founder of Adam Red (formerly Glassworks Dream Boutique) in Atlanta, Georgia.

Her other creative passions include: crochet, scale miniatures and poetry.

She is a published poet of a book, The Fine Art of Caring, an album, Let Me Explain, and devotional, Mystery Solved.

Gwen has always loved big, bodacious, fabulous jewelry. That passion inspired the creation of Baudacity. It is an accessory lifestyle brand. However, it is also an attitude, a style, and a challenge to “say something”. Do you have Baudacity?

Additional information

Fossil Jade

Petrified-Wood, which can also be called Tree jade/fossil jade, is gaining rising popularity worldwide with its diversified patterns, balmy and fine quality, various colors, clear and charming texture and flowing verve.

Coral Jade

Corals are simple animals that secrete skeletons made of calcium carbonate. As fossils, corals are found worldwide in sedimentary rocks.

Czech Glass

Glass making in the Czech Republic is an age old cottage industry. These glass beads are still made in small quantities by hand.

Druzy Agate

Druzy is the glittering effect of tiny crystals over top a colorful mineral. The druzy quartz gems grow slowly over millions of years and are found as the very last layer of growth on agate or another colorful base.


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